Brand Planning


Our brand planning workshops and programs are built on a creative problem solving framework, and are designed to yield exciting and potentially disruptive results.

They are ideal for brand teams, working in collaboration with internal and external marketing and cross-functional partners to find both immediate solutions and long-term strategies.


The experience helps lessen the sense of isolation that accompanies entrepreneurship by creating a supportive community where all can share the joys, pains, and sleepless nights that are so often a part of that world.

Satisfy the needs of key stakeholders;

Address customer needs;

Are creative, exciting, and implementable across the enterprise.

As a bonus, we will...

Take off our corporate hats and experience an alternate stakeholder point of view.

Gain experience and build capacity in the Creative Problem Solving Process.

Learn tools for perspective shifting.


A key element of successful brand planning is understanding the stakeholder network. Specific activities are designed to build empathy by asking participants to step into the shoes of various stakeholder groups and consider:

  • Whose voices are important?
  • What do they want us to consider through this process?
  • Whose voices are missing from the conversation?
  • How might we bring them in?

The Process

Brand planning takes place through a five-step process.

  1. Clarify. Describe the current state, identify what success looks like, gain a deeper understanding of what matters most, and articulate the important challenges.
  2. Ideate. Identify as many solutions as possible using tools designed to spark innovative thinking and ensure space for all the voices at the table (and those not represented).
  3. Develop. Select the solutions to develop, create space for critical feedback, and iterate as necessary.
  4. Implement. Create an implementation plan that includes a feedback loop and opportunities for continual improvement.
  5. Iterate. Using feedback gathered from the implementation process, iterate, revise, hone, and further develop and improve the plan.


Brand planning workshops can be customized to take place in a day or over a span of time, as best fits the needs of the client organization.

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