A Letter From the Founder

Dear Leader,

As I sit in front of my keyboard, with the intention of creating a well-crafted and articulate statement describing the vision behind ThirdWay Leadership, I find myself struggling to put into words something that lies deep within my soul; the compelling force behind my work and the work of ThirdWay Leadership.

So, in the spirit of transparency and vulnerability, and because so much of what we do is about creating working environments where we can bring all of who we are, I have decided to share a piece I wrote a few years ago when asked, as part of an intensive leadership program, to craft a dedication to the world.

A Dedication

I dedicate myself to a world grounded in unity;
The unity of stillness and movement,
Of light and shadow,
Of death and rebirth.

A world grounded in the power of intimacy;
The intimacy of a moment,
And the intimacy of a lifetime.

A world grounded in the fullness
Of body, mind, heart, and spirit,
And grounded in gratitude,
For this precious human incarnation.

I dedicate myself
To living heart broken open.
To dwelling in the place of wonder and mystery.
To standing in the center–where the divine in me sees the divine in you.

I am a steward and a channel
For the evolution of universal consciousness,
And for the ancient dreams, yet to be remembered.

Your Faithful Servant

Gina Paigen


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