Transformative Training

Creating enduring change from the inside out.

Transformative trainings are highly engaging, interactive experiences designed to:
Expand awareness;
Build core strengths and competencies;
Develop cultures of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice;
Invite crucial conversations;
Inspire meaningful action.
Transformative trainings create profound change that becomes integrated into the fabric of the organization.

Our Training Philosophy

All our programs are built on principles of:

  • Community.
    Creating a space for shared goals, values, accountability, compassion, and respect.
  • Collaboration.
    With an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, where insight and understanding come as much from participants as from leaders and subject-matter experts.
  • Commitment.
    Connecting people to purpose.


Our programs are designed to deliver maximum results with an impact that is:

  • Significant.
    Creating meaningful mindset and skillset change in areas that really matter.
  • Substantial.
    With both depth and breadth of insight, understanding, and action.
  • Sustainable.
    Producing transformation that becomes fully integrated into the working environment.

Learning Methodologies

Our programs employ a variety of methodologies designed to engage individuals and groups with diverse learning styles: direct instruction, large and small group discussions, experiential activities, flipped classrooms and participants-led sessions, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, readings, podcasts, videos, and role play.


Our programs are modular and fully customizable. They can be adapted to fit your organization's goals and objectives with content targeted to your industry, organizational culture, participant demographics, delivery platform (virtual or face-to-face), and time frames.

Let's create enduring change from the inside-out.

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