Who We Are

Your partners in transforming talent into treasure.

We are a boutique coaching and consulting practice focused on: 

developing dynamic leaders;
building high-performing teams;
establishing cultures of equity, inclusion, and justice;
creating an ethos of mindfulness and wellbeing;
and expanding creativity and innovation.
We envision a world that is compassionate, just, and equitable; where every human being can bring all of who they are to their life and work, and where we embrace our responsibility as stewards of the natural environment.

We are driven by our values.

We hold our core values as fundamental, guiding principles that shape all that we do.

Radical Empathy

We bring an open mind, an open heart, and a commitment to service.

We listen deeply to understand and appreciate the lived experience of everyone we engage with, and give voice to their needs, desires, goals, and aspirations. When we speak, we speak truth from love.

Inside-Out and Outside-In

We unleash the power and potential of the people we serve through an understanding of who they are, both as individuals and in the context of the social, cultural, historical, and institutional realities that impact their lives.

Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

We work with people who come from all walks of life, are of every race and ethnicity, and who represent an array of backgrounds and cultural heritages.

We invite in, and make space for, all voices, particularly those that have traditionally been silenced or marginalized.

And we fiercely interrogate the systems and structures that continue to reinforce inequity in all its forms.

Creativity, Innovation, and Disruption

We recognize that innovation is essential to the long-term health and wellbeing of any organization. 

And we know change can be hard. We meet people where they are, present a compelling vision of what’s possible, invite buy-in, and work alongside to adopt new ways of thinking, feeling, and operating.

Sustainability and Planned Obsolescence

We believe in creating sustainable change, committing time and energy to ensure new patterns of thought and behavior become fully integrated, and building capacity with our clients so we can work ourselves out of a job.

Grace and Joy

We ground our work on the fundamental principles of mindfulness and presence and a commitment to creating space for the full range of human experience—the joy, the pain, the laughter, and the tears.