Coaching for Cohorts and Teams

Cohort Coaching.

Cohort coaching is a dynamic process that brings the power of coaching to a group setting. It is a highly impactful and cost-effective way to facilitate significant growth and development for cross-functional groups (i.e., mid-level or senior leaders).

Cohort coaching provides:

A sense of community and a shared investment in growth;

A peer-to-peer learning environment with collective insight and understanding;

A laboratory to experiment with developing competencies;

A team of accountability partners.

Team Coaching.

Ideal for boards, intact teams, and flexible teams, team coaching builds on the process of cohort coaching through the development of:

Articulation of the team’s mission, vision, and values;

A designed alliance on the desired team cultures and rules of engagement;

Clarity around roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities;

Management of interpersonal dynamics and communication.

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