DEIJ Strategic Planning

We seek to model an equitable process every step of the way, inviting the active participation of all the voices at the table, and creating opportunities for the inclusion of all stakeholders, internal and external.

We take the role of co-creator and coach, rather than expert. To that end, we frame our strategy processes as a series of questions to be asked and aspects to be explored.

  1. Where are all the areas that inequities might exist?
  2. How can we right the wrongs we have discovered and uncovered?
  3. How can we facilitate the change of hearts and minds (individually and interpersonally) and of systems and structures (institutionally and systemically)?
  4. How can we ensure we hear, see, and value all the voices within the stakeholder system?

In each phase of the project, we continue the process of exploration, discovery, evaluation, solution-finding, and action planning. 

Phase One: Kick-off

Meet the team and explore:
  • How do we want to work together?
  • What is the organization’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives—particularly as they pertain to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice?
  • Who are the key stakeholders whose voices will be an important part of this process?

Phase Two: Assess Current State

Engage in qualitative and quantitative analyses that include:
  • What systems, structures, policies, and procedures do we want to assess?
  • How do stakeholders across the board experience our organizational culture?  

Phase Three: Envision the Desired Future

Use creative planning and problem solving tools to determine:
  • What does good look like? What is our desired future state?
  • What are the gaps between where we are and where we want to go?
  • How will success be measured and evaluated?

Phase Four: Ideate and Select Solutions

Continuing the process, we begin to brainstorm solutions and strategies:
  • What are all the ways we might bridge the gaps?
  • What criteria will we use to determine which solutions have the greatest potential for success and impact?

Phase Five: Craft the Plan

  • Of all the options, which will we select?
  • Where do we start, and what are the steps?
  • How will we engage the stakeholder system?
  • Who will be the assisters and the resisters, and how will we generate buy-in?
  • What is our timeline, what are the benchmarks, and where are the possible pinch-points?
  • What resources will we need?
  • Who will be responsible for what, and how will we ensure accountability?
  • How can we elicit ongoing feedback and drive continual improvement? 

Phase Six: Guide the Implementation

  • How can ThirdWay best support and guide the implementation process?
  • Where do we need to build capacity to ensure sustainable change and ongoing success?
  • How will we celebrate our success?

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