Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice for Leaders and Teams

A Transformative Program for Leaders and Teams Seeking to Facilitate Deep and Substantive Cultural Change

We are all leaders—whether or not we have a designation of authority.

As leaders…we each have the power to be a voice of change. As we deepen our understanding of the systems and structures in which we operate, we can leverage our influence to root out and eradicate injustice.

As leaders…we impact a broad network of stakeholders, internally and externally, and we can strive to bring an anti-racist and social justice perspective to all those we serve.

As leaders…we acknowledge our organizations may not be reflective of the world around us, that the higher you look, the more this may be true, and we have an obligation to develop talent at all levels of the enterprise, particularly amongst those who are traditionally underrepresented.

As leaders…we recognize the journey starts with us and our willingness to do the difficult work of interrogating our individual and organizational realities, so we might dismantle the systems and structures that perpetuate the status quo.


This highly interactive program is designed to support leaders, teams, and individual contributors, at all levels of the organization, who are committed to social justice and equity, and are willing to do the hard work of striving to become anti-racist and anti-oppressive. 

We employ a variety of learning methodologies designed to engage individuals with diverse learning styles: direct instruction, large and small group discussions, experiential activities, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, readings, podcasts, and role play. 

Throughout the program, we provide opportunities for participants to integrate the learning into their own workspaces, incorporating tools, techniques, and personal insights on a daily basis.


  • Understand the history, contexts, and key factors that contribute to existing systems of inequity
  • Courageously examine assumptions and beliefs; our own—and those embedded in the cultures around us
  • Actively participate in the creation of an Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive organization (and beyond) 

Topic Areas

  • Historical and Contextual. Racism and oppression from a historical and sociological perspective
  • Individual. Leaning into discomfort, self-management, identity, privilege, mindset, bias
  • Interpersonal. Overt and covert aggressions, language, tone policing
  • Institutional. Public policy and legislation
  • Systemic. Social and cultural norms, colorism, gender, LGBTQIA+, the global face of oppression
  • Organizational. Organizational systems and structures, strategies for workplace integration, allyship, action planning

Program Components

Assessments and Evaluation

  • Complete the ThirdWay Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression self-assessment both prior to and upon completion of the program.

Live/Virtual Sessions

  • Engage in a series of face-to-face or virtual workshops, structured to allow time for interim activities and small group work. (Note: The workshop timeline is customizable based on the client’s needs.)

Interim Study and Activities

  • Complete interim assignments, including readings, videos, exercises, and journaling activities.
  • Engage in small groups to further process learning and insights from workshop content and interim activities.
  • Participate in an ongoing dialogue with other participants through an online portal.

Capstone Project

  • Work in small groups to design and implement an organizational diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiative.

Allyship Journal

  • Keep an ongoing allyship journal, documenting insights and actions. 

Efficacy, Impact, Sustainability, and Data Collection

Data regarding the impact of this program will be collected at various points before, during, and after engagement to (a) drive a process of continual improvement and (b) support research into the efficacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and the sustainability of the change process.

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