Organizational Assessments

We offer a suite of qualitative and quantitative assessments that are designed specifically to support organizational development on a broader scale.

These tools can provide information on various aspects of the culture; the extent to which the organization has embraced diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ); their readiness to implement DEIJ initiatives; and on their relationship to the broader stakeholder network.

Racial Equity Assessments

Our racial equity assessments provide insights in a variety of areas relative to the level of equity present in an organization, including:
  • Leadership’s commitment to the process
  • Allocation of resources for DEIJ initiatives
  • Policies and procedures for recruitment, hiring, development, and retention
  • Shared language and understanding around equity and inclusion
  • Unconscious bias, cultural norms, and behavioral expectations
  • Cultural fluency and a willingness to accept differences
  • Change readiness and a willingness to do the hard work and have the difficult conversations

Understanding where the organization stands is the first step to creating substantive and sustainable change and opens the door to achieving greater levels of DEIJ.

Culture Assessments

Our organizational culture assessments can be customized to measure those areas of culture that have been identified as key for both specific teams and across the enterprise.

Areas to assessment include:
  • Alignment on mission, vision, values, and purpose
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice
  • Psychological safety and trust
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Creative collaboration
  • Leadership efficacy
  • Orientation for action
  • Opportunities for growth and development
  • Sense of autonomy
  • Culture of accountability

For each of the areas identified as significant, we’re able to identify where the organization is strong, and where there is room for improvement, setting the stage for meaningful culture-building initiatives.

Stakeholder Analysis

For organizations looking to understand how they are positioned in relation to both internal and external stakeholders, a stakeholder analysis can be a powerful tool.

A form of a 360° assessment that moves beyond the confines of the organization, a stakeholder analysis can provide vital information on culture, reputation, customer perceptions, supplier relations, and community partnership.

It can be conducted through an anonymous survey process or as a series of interviews and focus groups.

And it can be deployed as a stand-alone activity, or as part of a larger strategic initiative.

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