The Leader-Coach

A Program Dedicated to Creating a Coaching Culture 

As the world becomes increasingly unpredictable and more interconnected, the complexity of the challenges we face continues to rise. Consider:

A global shift in the way we think about work and its meaning in our lives;

The challenge of creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just workplace cultures;

Increasing constraints on resources;

Competition for top talent.

Navigating today's turbulent landscape demands creative and innovative business models, and a new approach to leadership.


Today’s leaders must possess both strong leadership capabilities and the ability to grow the talent around them. The ThirdWay Leader-Coach program is a dynamic offering aimed at developing the skills and mindset necessary for high-performance leadership, and the competencies for effective coaching and mentoring.

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed for mid-senior level executives, high-potential emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to expand their leadership capacity and bring the art and science of coaching into their personal and professional lives.

Why the Leader-Coach Program?

  • The program uses validated assessments as a development tool.
  • The content is based on both academic research and direct experience.
  • The learning is oriented around the real-world working experiences of the participants and is directly linked to their performance and desired outcomes.
  • It is delivered to a cohort of peers in an environment of shared goals, accountability, and respect.
  • It includes individual coaching that supports the learning.
  • It takes place over time to allow participants opportunities to practice skills and fully integrate new competencies.

Objectives and Outcomes

Through participation in the program, participants will expand their capacity to:

Capitalize on strengths;

Listen thoughtfully, communicate effectively, and leverage healthy conflict;

Coach, mentor, and develop talent;

Embrace diversity and foster a culture of inclusion;

Manage resources; 

Foster creativity and innovation, and catalyze change; 

Embrace ambiguity, uncertainty, and paradox; 

Think strategically, from a systems perspective;

Articulate a clear vision, generate alignment, create accountability, and inspire action;

Generate positive, sustainable results.

Topic Areas

Leadership Essentials

  • The ROI of a coaching culture
  • Leading from a place of purpose, vision, and values
  • Expanding social and emotional intelligence
  • Results orientation and systems thinking
  • Embracing paradox and creative intelligence
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and change management

The Foundations of Coaching

  • Recognizing the client as creative, resourceful, and whole
  • Creating a relationship of mutual trust
  • Being open, flexible, and present
  • Listening, curiosity, and self-management
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Working with values
  • Accessing intuition

Leadership and Coaching in a Cultural Context

  • Examining biases and assumptions
  • Understanding the context of the client’s lived experience
  • Building cultural fluency

Advanced Coaching Competencies

  • Exploring perspectives
  • Enhancing communication skills up, down, and across
  • Mastering the art of feedback, leaning into difficult conversations, and inviting healthy conflict
  • Designing actions, planning, and goal setting
  • Managing progress and creating accountabilities


Components of the program include:
  • Live or virtual instructional and experiential training
  • Leadership performance and workstyles assessments
    The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Leadership Assessment™ 
    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 
    The ThirdWay Leadership Self-Assessment
  • A leadership development plan
  • Reading and writing assignments
  • Real-world coaching practice
  • Coaching supervision
  • One-on-one coaching with an International Coaching Federation-certified coach

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