DEIJ Analysis

Our evaluations, needs assessments, and solution design processes focus on examining two critical DEIJ drivers in alignment with your mission, vision, and values.

Together, let’s examine the breadth and depth of your organization’s DEIJ capacity.

Cultural and Relational.

We facilitate a deep dive into the organizational culture from the perspective of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice to gain insight into how the culture impacts various stakeholders, cross-functionally and at all levels.

Systemic and Structural.

Using an equity lens, we evaluate organizational systems and structures, including talent recruitment and development, customer experience, product development, operational processes and procedures, and supply chain management, that impact equity and justice, both internally and externally.

We utilize a complete set of tools and techniques to conduct both statistical and qualitative analyses for individuals and teams and enterprise-wide:

  • 360° culture surveys
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Quantitative surveys and culture assessments
  • Listening circles, focus groups, and town halls
  • Observations and shadowing
  • ThirdWay Anti-Racism and Social Justice Assessment 
  • Equity impact analysis tools
  • Process Mapping and Lean Six Sigma


We analyze the results for themes, patterns, and potential equity gaps in the system, which may disproportionately advantage members of dominant cultural groups.

Solution Design.

Once complete, we use a combination of creative problem solving and strategic planning processes to identify opportunities for growth and change.

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